Timothy Hager

Tim HagerTimothy brings his years of experience as an executive director in international industries to the coaching and consulting industry. Providing services like:

Executive Hiring: Hiring CEOs and professionals that best meet needs for a dynamic business environment. Role Assessment, executive search, interviewing, hiring contacts and onboarding facilitation.

Personal Consulting: Training men and Women to be more resilient in challenging situations, to establish purpose, to commit to resolutions, practice stress mitigation, and how to communicate for success.

Operation Analysis: Forensic investigation into failures stemming from breakdowns due to poor process, equipment, training and/or communication protocols. Using CoreValue, Tim helps companies determine and evaluate performance objectives and allocate resources to incorporate improvements.


Timothy’s role is to help identify your needs whilst supporting you in your work and personal environments. His background in the military, and challenging industrial environments, provide Timothy with the insight and knowledge of executive level demands and the mental skill sets necessary to meet both your personal and professional goals. He has served as an Executive Director at MotorGuide Marine where he helped with Strategic Planning, Product Management and Plant Operations.

Timothy has worked in Industry for over 18 years, championing change, leading teams, and mentoring individuals, and his work as a consultant builds on a life of experience. Timothy’s training in leadership, conflict resolution and resilience will help you stay focused, remain calm, stand your ground and think clearly.

Timothy Hager

Business and Personal Consultant

Master of Human Relations – Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University
Life Time Member – ICEEFT
Life Coach Certified – CTA
Co-Founder of LifeMindUs and Director of Operations